With Dr Céline Higton 
This course will present the concept that the placement of high quality and durable posterior composite resin restorations relies heavily upon a well-executed sequence consisting of excellent isolation, cavity preparation, matrixing and finally the composite placement itself. Learn how to follow cutting edge biomimetic principles and consistently place robust and reliable posterior composites that will stand the test of time and outlast the industry standards. 

When & Where 

Date & Time: Fri 05 July 2024 08:45 - Sat, 06 July 2024 17:00 BST 
Location: GC United Kingdom Ltd 
16 - 23 Coopers Court Newport Pagnell MK16 8JS 
Duration: 2 days 
Admission: £1,500 inc. VAT 
Dr Céline Higton 

Course Aims: 

Discuss the benefits of and reasons for using rubber dam isolation 
Recognise the place for rubber dam isolation in every day practice 
Highlight the importance of correct cavity preparation design 
Discuss the principles of matrix choice and placement 
Cover the biomimetic approach to direct adhesive restorations 
Provide step-by-step protocols for posterior composite placement 
Revise composite restoration sequences and workflow 

Course Objectives: 

Understand the importance of correct material and equipment choice when placing rubber dam 
Appreciate how critical correct clamp choice is for correct isolation 
Become proficient in placing rubber dam in every day posterior restorative scenarios 
Safely and efficiently place rubber dam for quadrant isolation 
Understand the rationale behind wide and open cavity preparation and design 
Learn how to prepare the cavity in order to facilitate better matrix and composite placement 
Understand which burs to use for cavity preparation and why 
Recognise the difference between various matrixing systems and learn when they are best used 
Learn how to effectively and accurately place sectional matrix systems 
Understand how to immediate dentine seal and the many benefits of doing so 
Learn the principles of deep margin elevation and how to undertake it 
Appreciate the importance of marginal seal and the techniques involved in proximal wall creation 
Understand that posterior composite placement should be a purely additive process that respects the natural morphology and anatomy of the tooth 
Appreciate the importance of correct occlusal anatomy with regard to function and aesthetics 
Learn how to create aesthetic and natural occlusal anatomy 
16 hrs CPD 
A: Communication skills, consent. 
C: Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice. 
Course Fee - £1,500 inc. VAT 
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